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INC launches new video and data service at its communities!

We are pleased to offer you one of the best video and data services available in the market today.

Our video programming has a wide variety of local, family, and specialty entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to INC Broadband

We are the Cable Television and High Speed Data Division of the INC Group.

We leverage all of the experience that the INC Group has gained over the last ten years to bring advanced private cable and data services to apartment and gated communities, large commercial property developments and specialty properties.

We are one of the leaders in private cable and data business tailoring to your needs. We are geared to specialty properties unlike your local cable company. We can bring you video and data programming that you want. Do you want the freedom to choose special programming from DirecTV? We can do that too and there’s no ugly dish to worry about.

The INC Group has installed over 150,000 voice, video and data outlets to some of the most demanding customers in the country.

We have distilled over 50 years of combined engineering, operations, and construction experience to bring you the best in high speed data services.

The INC Group tailors high speed data service to meet your exact needs with an emphasis on service and proactive operations. Cable modems? Secure hotspots? Dedicated fiber networks? Wireless? Specialty Programming? Let us show you what we can do—and have done for numerous universities, hospitals and apartment communities across the country.

Our high speed Internet service uses state of the art technology and dedicated high speed infrastructure to bring you the best of the Internet at a competitive price. We work with you to upgrade your infrastructure for the Internet of today and tomorrow.

Call us at 877-914-8668 to order service.

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