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INC is a provider of cable / satellite television and high speed internet access for universities, apartment and condominium communities, single family residences, hospitals and hotels..

  INC is a provider of DirecTV satellite services. These services can now be provided without the need for small unsightly satellite antennas.  We provide up to 110 digital cable channels through our traditional basic and expanded basic lineup without the need to add a set-top box usually required by the local franchise operator at an additional monthly expense!

For those who want the complete DirecTV service offerings, we provide a "common antenna connection" point for the entire community so that customers can access all DBS services available to the community; all without the need to add individual antennas on the balcony of each residence!

INC is also a provider of high speed internet service over broadband. Our business is getting your tenant connected to the internet with fast reliable service. We provide a simple solution to gaining high-speed internet service at your community or institution.


Customer service is key to the success of our business. Our customer service, sales support and installation teams are available 24/7. They work together to deliver courteous and reliable service for our video and internet services. All of our service support technicians are local and will be available to respond whenever necessary.

If you would like more information about our services that are not covered on our site, including owner incentives and revenue share, just email us or call toll free 877-914-8668.

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