INC Group

Institutional Network Communications, LLC ("INC") is a diversified telecommunications concern that operates in several complementary business segments.

Our company exists to provide Voice, Data, and Video infrastructure installations and services with an emphasis on customer service and customer retention.

Since commencing operations in 1989, INC has a proven track record and has gained an excellent reputation in the engineering, technical, installation, maintenance, of large infrastructure projects in various states.

In 1989, INC began operations as a division of Telemedia Communications, INC's initial focus was to provide technical expertise in the areas of project management and construction services to TeleMedia’s largest operating entity MaxTel Cablevision, the country's largest operator of private cable television systems serving approximately 42,000 subscribers in 25 states and as well as pursue opportunities in the Institutional marketplace. MaxTel was sold to ICS Communications, an entity controlled by MCI Communications in 1995. In 1995 the INC division turned full focus to serving the College and University communications marketplace with very good success and has gained an excellent reputation.

The INC division principals purchased all remaining stock, separated from Telemedia and reorganized as a Kentucky Limited Liability Company in December of 2000 to diversify and continue serving the Institutional communications marketplace.

INC has offices in the following cities: 

  • Nashville, TN
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Jackson, TN
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Tompkinsville, KY

INC currently holds the following statewide contractors licenses:

  • State of Tennessee License No. 0004851 CE-D, E, F; S-Telecommunications; CE-G Unlimited 
  • Alabama General Contractors License No. 28171  E-S: Low Voltage, Unlimited
  • State of Louisiana Contractors License No. 53146 Specialty: Telecommunications 
  • State of Arkansas License No. 0128030414 Specialty: Communication, Computer or Sound Systems, Cabling, Underground Piping, Cable, Trenching, Boring
  • State of North Carolina License No. 27002-SP-FA/LV Restricted Fire Alarm/Low Voltage Classification
  • State of Georgia License # LVU405829 Low Voltage-Unrestricted

INC holds low voltage and business licenses in most counties that require it within the States listed above. Additionally, INC is registered to do business in several States that do not require a statewide contractors license.

In addition to being licensed, INC has a surety line of $5,000,000.00 for a single project and $12,000,000.00 in aggregate and is strong financially.

The following are ratios relating to the financial strength of INC covering the past five (5) years. These ratios have been calculated according to generally accepted accounting principles. 

                               Quick Ratio                                         Debit Ratio

                               2015:   3.54                                          2016: .265

                                2016:  4.39                                          2017: .218

                                2017:   3.41                                         2018: .333

                                2018:   6.93                                         2019: .144

                                2019: 10.96                                         2020: .082