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INC can Provide Digital Cable Television and High Speed Internet Service for your Properties with Revenue Sharing, NO Installation Costs & eliminate individual dishes on roofs or balconies.

INC offers residential communities turnkey installations that include the cost of pre-wire, post-wire and distribution systems. This significantly helps developers with upfront capital savings and allows current property owners to increase the value of their existing property. As a true single source provider, INC has the ability to capitalize infrastructure, deliver multiple services, and provide management and customer service over and above technical installation.

INC will provide a revenue share to the developer or property owner based on gross sales of the monthly subscription fees. The percentage of revenue share is based on the size and demographics of the property. INC would also propose to provide a revenue share to the developer or property owner for the sale of the right of entry agreement for the property to the local franchise cable operator, should such a transaction be more advantageous for INC and the developer or owner.

INC will provide the property with a design model that will virtually eliminate the installation of individual DirecTV dishes by residents attached to individual roofs or balconies within the community. We realize that this is one of the most undesirable issues that apartment and condominium communities face today. With our system design, we can provide a “common antenna” as a central connecting point making DBS service(s) available to all residents, therefore allowing the community to restrict the installation of individual antennas on roofs or balconies. This is a service that cannot be provided through the local franchise operator.

If you are a developer, property owner or manager and want additional information, contact us at 800-451-7024 or email the following information to

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